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Have you ever made a recipe that didn't quite turn out?  That's what happened to us.  We had spent over an hour getting out our ingredients, measuring, putting them back and then cleaning up.  We sat back in anticipation while the cookies baked.  Then we tasted the cookies we had just spent all of that time making...they weren't good.  Somewhere along the line we had either failed to add or had added to much of one of the ingredients.  Really?  We didn't want to have to go through all of that again. It was disappointing to say the least.  We were really looking forward to eating some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies!!

That disappointment got the wheels turning.  We created Gift and Bake cookie recipes so that you get the delicious treat that you expect -and deserve- when you make the effort to bake homemade cookies.

In the time since starting Gift and Bake, we have learned that our recipes are used for many different reasons.  Everything from baking cookies for family, friends and neighbors to gifting the recipes to clients, customers and employees.  We have heard from parents and grandparents who thoroughly enjoyed spending time with their children and grandchildren baking cookies for themselves -or even Santa.  Others have sent recipes to grown children away at college or given them as house warming gifts.

Gift and Bake cookie recipes can be a quick and easy party treat, help to simplify bake sales, or just be a way to show thoughtfulness and love for the elderly or those under the weather.  The potential uses are endless.


We love that our recipes make more than cookies.  We've realized that they can bring us all just a little bit closer :) 

We love receiving your feedback. If you have comments, questions or photos, please let us know about your experience with Gift and Bake.  All feedback is important and appreciated!

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